Spaces to Evaluate

A project: Consider various existing websites and collaboration spaces against the Forsyth Criteria. Consider which ones implement which criteria, which criteria are missed, and what the consequences are.

Here are spaces to evaluate against the Criteria:

* MediaWiki overall * Quora * Ballotpedia * SeeClickFix * PDXreporter. * Twitter * Facebook * MediaWiki: #1 Wikisource proofreading extension #2 Media Viewer #3 VisualEditor * Google Docs * Slack * Internet Archive * DMOZ * Snopes * Traditional newspaper * Traditional academic publisher * university campus

Ward suggested examining the support the Federated Wiki provides for each point, documenting the features and their expected workflow, and smoothing the interaction model on all platforms for reader/authors so engaged.

People to interview

* Ward Cunningham: When did each of these features "arrive" in wiki? (This is now addressed in the "Trusting Everybody..." essay linked above.) * Sunir Shah * Magnus Manske


We are a community that will explore, expand and document support for individual agency in federated wiki collaborations. See Forsyth Criteria