Forsyth Agency Pod Charter

We are a community that will explore, expand and document support for individual agency in federated wiki collaborations. See Forsyth Criteria

In social science, agency is the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. By contrast, structure is those factors of influence that limit an agent and his or her decisions. wikipedia

# Logistics

Ward Cunningham is the pod leader. He will be responsible for inviting participants, hosting sites for those invited, maintaining a definitive Roster of participants distinguishing the circumstances of their participation.

Agency Pod Participants

We expect weekly participation both reading the work of others and elaborating based on their own experience.

For a backchannel we use #fedwiki at easily accessed with the full-featured chat

We provide subdomains for invited participants. We welcome others. Email the pod leader with your own site address devoted to this activity.

# Findings

We suggest the field guide as our initial source for practices to be studied. We will list other resources here along with preliminary findings. We prefer writings that use terms from our glossary carefully.